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Ingredients for a Winning Smile

You’ve probably heard all your life about some foods that are bad for your teeth, but did you know there are other foods that are great for your oral health? Let’s learn about some food ingredients that will keep you smiling.

Full of vitamin D, which helps your teeth get the full benefits of calcium from foods that you eat.
Contain Sulphur compounds and lowers bacteria that leads to tooth decay.

High in fiber and vitamin C, these berries help keep gums healthy while scrubbing your teeth when you eat them.

Creates a natural mouthwash by increasing saliva production and providing citric acid. Also contains vitamin C and an enzyme called Bromelain, which promotes healing in your mouth.

Grain full of teeth-strengthening minerals like calcium, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus.

Sesame Seeds
Scrubbing qualities reduce plaque, and calcium content aids your teeth.
Shitaki Mushrooms
Contain a sugar called Lentinan, known to prevent mouth bacteria.

Japanese horseradish containing compounds that hinder bacteria growth.

Sea Salt
Has a blend of minerals that strengthen teeth.

A sugar substitute that prevents tooth decay, and is beneficial to gums.

Natural sweetener that doesn’t create acid on your teeth like sugar does.

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